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Philadelphia.  The City of Brotherly love.  Founded in 1682 the city and surrounding areas are boundless with some of the most rich historic features.  From the architecture of Old City to the woods of the Pine Barrens and beyond to the salt air of the Atlantic.  Are you looking for a Philadelphia Wedding Photographer or a New Jersey Wedding Photographer?  I travel near and far to accommodate for your special event.  Taking the time to learn about you and the special moments you share together will help to develop a better lens to tell your story through.  In each story we look to create unique gateways to capture the essence of your relationship.  If preserving those memories is the most important thing for your wedding, then look no further.


Being able to experience the happiness across the world. Being there for the moment.   Developing a accurate and true timeline of your life is an immense joy.  Being that curator for you to cherish these memories for a lifetime is one of the greatest pleasure in this world that I get to tell.
Hey guys.  I am Cary.  Your trusted advisor.  To me documenting any time of a person’s life is amazing.  What makes your life extraoadinary?  Being able to find something some unique and awe inspiring is what makes me live.  I live to see tears of joy from the work I produce and it is my goal to help in capturing these tearful moments.  Every essence of a relationship has it’s own amazing quirks and it is my duty to capture them for you.  Let’s get out and experience this thing together!


It’s these moments leading up to the most important day’s of your lives.  These are the times we capture you and yours in the most authentic capacity.  Learning who you are and how you are ultimately make for those captivating photographic representations of you in your natural environments.

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