Jamie + Jamie

DiMeo Farms Wedding

Hammonton, New Jersey

Jamie and Jamie, a DiMeo Farm Wedding.  Confused yet?  Me too.  Just kidding.  Outdoorsy, down to earth, hometown DiMeo Farm Wedding vibe and some killer cocktails were to be had.  I have known both Jamie’s for since before highschool.  The boy longer considering our childhood playing soccer together and all kinds of other crazy shenanigans.  I seriously love these guys!  They are fun and energetic but most importantly when together one on one there’s a immensely appreciative and soft spoken side that could blow you away.  Their the inner dinosaur on the flip side of these two in their natural habitat of Southern New Jersey is sure to please on the dance floor.  Don’t hesitate to have your DiMeo Farm Wedding captured deep within the blueberry fields of Southern New Jersey.

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Cary is a creative who has lived in Southern New jersey for 30 years. His passion emanates from generations of creative artists. Leaving no stone unturned, Cary seeks to evoke overwhelming emotions through his photographic productions.

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