Here at CSM Photography I love to have a hand select set of options.  What does this help do?  It helps to cut out the unnecessary need to “figure out” the photographic package you’ve ever dreamed of and allow you to have fun throughout this crazy process.
*prices are subject to change*
Your wedding package will start with plenty of time, a second photographer a heirloom album & an online gallery host your precious moments.


Making your day comfortable, easy and fun is my goal.  Experiencing now over 200 weddings there are an infinite amount of aspects that can affect the activities going on throughout the day.  Depending on the style of your day I will be your trusted adviser that will help you to find a collection that would best fit the needs of your day.  A large factor as well is time of year!  When will the sun set?  How far will we be traveling to each location?  Want to experience ALL of your cocktail hour?   All awesome questions.

Something big that you will experience throughout your time with us is your ability to head home with the first of many family heirlooms.  Whatever your timeline I want this to be a lasting heirloom for your family to cherish for a lifetime.

Every collection receives plenty of time, a discovery consultation to learn more about your relationship, a personalized album designed by us and picked by you, and a digital gallery for all of your family and friends to enjoy.

These sessions are additional.  Engagement Photo Sessions themselves are very special though.  Think of your ever day lives.  What do you do together?  WHY do you think this time you have together is special?

We will connect to see what you truly value about your soon-to-be and do something that is familiar to the both of you so that you can keep those moments of celebration alive for a lifetime.

I am fully insured and would be happy to provide your venue with an insurance certificate upon request.

Although having a second pair of eyes, ideas and gear is great to have, it is not always necessary. For our introductory package they are not included.  The thought process is that if you are getting ready all, hosting your ceremony and reception at one location, it is easier for one person to cover the day!  If there is any travel where you are getting prepared in different locations and your ceremony is off site from your reception, we suggest either a larger package or adding the second photographer in.

Not only does it help alleviate any of the stressors of trying to be in two locations at once, it always helps to have a 2nd set of eyes, ideas & hands. :)

Typically you will receive 50-75 images per hour of shoot time.  Factors like the length of coverage and transportation times have big roles in this.

Yes.  The photographs are hand selected. Adjustments such as color balance, exposure as well as contrast are processed in house.  It’s immensely important to keep a realistic approach to processing through your big day.  Accuracy in depicting your special moments makes for a much more memorable outcome.

They come completely ready to print and I would highly suggest using for many professional reasons.

For a more premium professional museum quality production please contact us.  Our custom leather bound album and vibrant metal productions are what our couples rave about.  They are only offered by professional labs for professional photographers only so be sure to inquire about them for your beautiful homes!

*printing at any convenient store or online website not suggested and may yield poor results, for professional reproductions please come to us*

You will receive full printing rights to your images!  This way you can print for any family and friends in a snap.

Every wedding has a different plan. Wedding schedules & at different times of years require many ways to approach documenting a wedding.  Two months before the date, we will open conversation and figure out a devised schedule where we will find addresses, parent lists, etc.

I use the most current up to date professional Nikon photographic equipment.  It covers a range of lenses and additional equipment that will carry your wedding to ultimate creativity.  Don’t forget those backups too, I have an assortment of professional grade equipment to ensure that we capture your day regardless!

My standard delivery time is 4 weeks.  3 weeks after your wedding we finalize your photographs and invite you to a private reveal, design and ordering consultation.  This session is required in order to receive your digital online gallery.

Abso-positively!  I love to deliver artwork and being that this is a family heirloom it is even more important to deliver that piece of the your life back to you.  You have a huge part in not only selecting the photographs but also the design. Once we have gone through the design process together and you give the okay the finalized wedding album delivered within two weeks.

Insuring that your images will be kept for a lifetime is very important and my system is simple.  Back-up, back-up, back-up.  I have a series of RAID systems that backup your documentation 3 times.  I even have a off-site solution so in the event of a life changing event, they will be safe.

To lock in your date requires a $1000 Retainer Fee and a signed contract.  Unfortunately we cannot hold a date until we have both of these and it is first come first serve as we only shoot a limited number of weddings per year.

*Both signed contract & retainer fee are due within 3-5 days of your confirmation.

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