I am a South Jersey based Wedding Photographer operated by Cary Smith McCaughey.  Growing up in the Northeast, I’ve developed a keen eye for incorporating the diversity of landscape our region has to offer with your love.  From the hustle and bustle within center city, to the rustic charm of the country I will help breathe those unique perspectives from each place into your wedding documentation.


Are you a believer in action films?  If not just envision Rambo.  He is literally everywhere, right?  Photojournalism is the documentation of cherished moments.  For this one moment, I have the most amazing opportunity to share your family’s glimpse in history.  Like Rambo I will find those ways to achieve every goal set in sight.  I am here to craft an artistically beautiful landscape of photographs for your family to keep as the start to your heirloom.  

Throughout this documentation my goal for you is to be comfortable.  To have fun.  To have an amazingly unforgettable unique experience.  It’s immensely important to me that you’re comfortable not only with myself but also the camera. :) .  The goal is for your experience to be legendary, epic, you name it! I’m humbled that you have chosen me as your photographer and am forever grateful to be a part of your growing family tree.