Kyle has long been an avid automotive enthusiast.  Also being involved we were introduced about 4 years ago when I had purchased my new used vehicle, a 2009 Subaru Legacy.  I was head over heels and ready to photograph and find some friends who had the same interest.  Low and behold every Tuesday there had been a local meet upon the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum.  Quite a place to meet huh?  Well from there so many amazing friendships blossomed and through thick and thin I must say some of these individuals are the most unique and loyal people I have ever met within the automotive community.  Kyle, owning a Subaru had rolled up to the steps and from there this amazing friendship has bloomed into now being able to photograph one of the most important times in his life.  His incredible wife Jacqui and him put together such a fun and laid back day.  We blasted through so many awesome locations within Tamenend Park.  Congratulations to both Mr and Mrs. Knaupp :-)

Jacqui & Kyle’s Ben Salem Park Wedding | BEN SALEM, PA