My gosh.  I’ve owned this hunk of love for 2 years now?  3 years and one email it took to find another dog that could fill the void when I had lost my first dog, Zeke.  I never thought in a million years I would actually own a pet of my own.  It was a morning like any other that I would have my typical coffee, warm up the day with catching up with a little facebook and then get back to work.  Fortunately for Blake, I would see on a friends status that there had been a litter of dogs that was delivered to Joe Joe’s place in Medford, NJ.  Without hesitation I emailed, and then thought to myself, “these guys will get snagged up so fast, I probably won’t be able to adopt one of these lovey furballs.”  2 years later and he has been the most amazing pet I think I’ve ever had.  Being that this was an adoption, I have the best of all worlds.  Blake is athletic to keep me busy, tender when you need a moment and loving to any and everyone around.  This year I wanted to do something a little more special and intimate where I could just hang with him and show him some delicious delicatessens than a friend had found at a local dog shop!  Needless to say he devoured them in seconds :D.  Happy #2 big guy!