“My hair’s GOT to be on Fleek,” Says Erica.  My old retort was a quick double take and a “what the heck is that??” haha.  Erica & Arie have the perfect blend for a couple.  We had been in conversation for a while on where their engagement session would be held and I think Philadelphia was perfect.  Changing of leaves.  Buildings to help play along with fall’s super warm sun-light colors and some absolutely perfect weather to go along side the whole affair.   We started with one of the coolest silhouettes I think I have ever orchestrated and quickly developed into some fun conversations sparked by some interesting folk walking around screaming at what seemed to be gusts of wind. :D.  Needless to say we had a ton of laughs and a great time connecting.

Erica & Arie’s On Fleek Philadelphia Art Museum Sunset Engagement | Philadelphia Art Museum, Philadelphia PA