For years now Eric has been on my radar for photography.  We both produce and love the automotive community but never met in person.  One day we started chatting shortly after he proposed to Kayla about photographing their engagement session.  After a while of talking, we set a date for their engagement session where after much deliberation decided that Allentown’s Rose Garden.  As I drove north on 476 for 37 miles I caught small rain patches here and there while my fancy thinkin box told me 0% all day.  I thought to myself, why the heck askjhdsakjhdsadas???? I then arrived at the Rose Gardens where I would finally get to meet face to face with this awesome couple.  At first we were caught in some crazy wind quickly followed by some rain so we decided to wait it out in their car, catch up and get a little more comfortable with each other so I could see what they like or dislike and also speak alittle about their wedding in 2017.  Once the rain stopped, it was a downpour of sunshine!  We were so stoked.  For the next hour we had a ton of fun exploring the gardens and what it had to offer.  I lead them all around the surroundings, through the ponds that had been well displayed with rocky cross walks…be sure not to fall in if you go!  We found the amazing arbors which unfortunately did not host any roses thus far but we worked around it and had a blast.  If you’re ever around North East PA absolutely check out the Rose Garden.  It’s a very nice quiet refuge.