Within the last 8 years I have had the pleasure of photographing over 200 couples weddings.  In the last 3 years alone that number is over 120.  Insane to think after the countless weekends I have spent with so many of you but here’s the thing…we have never used a shot list and will continue not to.  Why?  I have experience and connect with you in a way that you will not need to do this.  Long story short when we do connect you are telling me already exactly the moments you appreciate most.


Now that film is a rarity in the world of photography we do not need to count the number of exposures we have left in the roll of film we are using, or how many we brought with us.  Those old rolls of film had a maximum of about 36 photographs.  Now we do not have that same limitation which is wonderful.  From the small inanimate details to the smiles you receive throughout the day I have my finger ready to hit the trigger.

With the digital age we have Instagram, TikTok, SnapChat, and best of all Pinterest.  This often times will stir false expectations and lead to disappointment.  All of these are amazing resources and we get to see some pretty awesome photography happening on there but lets be real, if you are getting married at the beach, I cannot put mountains in the background and vice versa.  You specifically chose a venue because there are aspects of it that you just love.  Let’s embrace what you enjoyed most about it!  Let’s experience this wild glimpse in time for what its worth.  Let’s live life to the fullest and through that I will capture those real moments of laughter.  A check list may often lead to unnecessary nerves which let’s be honest, there is enough you have to think about so set your mind at ease.  We got this.

“We got this”? How do I know you will capture it?  When you first reached out it was important for me to understand the innerworkings of your relationship and the relationships around you.  Everyone is different but I know that there are deeply rooted passions and interests that you have.  Why change that?  Instagram doesn’t prove anything to anyone because at the end of the day, when you walk through your home with the memories of things that YOU loved, who cares what Instagram thinks?  I will be there to ask the important questions of who in your family you would like to have photographed, who is traveling from afar, who is your childhood friend that you have not seen for 10 years that you are so excited to see and to the small objects given by grandma that is no longer with us.  These are things that remind you and will be designed in the album and wall art of your dreams.